Bar – Cafeteria Rari

We invite you to our Bar Rari – named in honor of the typical knitting in horsehair or horsetail hair made in a town near Linares called Rari -, it is another of the must-see areas of Hotel Parada Linares, located on the first floor, welcomes you with a large bar open to both hotel guests and general public who want to enjoy a menu with 14 types of tea preparations, 12 of Italian origin coffee from the prestigious Vergnano, as well as a complete offer in bar drinks and cocktails, prepared by its own excellent staff made up of three bartenders, all mixologists. The proposal includes a variety of sandwiches as well as sharing boards, at convenient prices.

Bar Rari is prominent in the region for its enticing happy hour and after office events together with its beautiful terrace with live music and views of the pools. Come and see it yourself! Follow us on social networks: hotelparadalinares and you will check all our current special promotions!

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